Monday, September 28, 2009

Temple Students Give CFL Bulbs To North Philadelphia Neighbors

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Temple University students took to the streets of the Yorktown community in Philadelphia on Thursday visiting over 200 homes and giving out free compact fluorescent light bulbs to residents. The giveaway is one of several programs coordinated by the PowerMinders group, who works with hundreds of students from colleges and universities throughout PA promoting energy conservation.

Temple student Mary Wolfe, hometown, Reading, Pa, expressed enthusiasm for the program, “I am really excited about the launch of PowerMinders here in Philadelphia. Temple students have a strong awareness of environmental issues and a great appreciation for their North Philadelphia neighbors!” By switching 200 incandescent bulbs to CFL’s, the Temple students helped Yorktown save over $10,000 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulbs.

“CFL's are a good first step” says Bob Fiori of PowerMinders. “Through a series of training seminars, we are teaching college students how to conduct more indepth energy assessments of homes they are targeting for later in the Fall. These assessments will lead to additional measures taken by homeowners to curtail their energy use.” He said.


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