Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Power of Minds in Harrisburg

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Hey Powerminders community!

My name's Peter Roquemore and I am the program leader for the Harrisburg Summer of Solutions program. In Bob's last post he kinda introduced one of the project realms we're working on for this summer in Harrisburg. Summer of Solutions programs are youth driven programs focused on developing community based solutions that lead to an awakening of individuals self value, a sustainable future, and developing a real green energy economy through green energy jobs. Those are some pretty lofty ambitions, and they will take some time. You don't just snap your fingers and create green jobs. *Oh how I wish it were that easy!* This will be our first summer in Harrisburg and we're going to be laying the framework for a strong presence in the city for many summers to come. We like to think of our vision kinda like a seed and the end result is this thriving and bountiful oasis. We want to spend this summer planting the seed in as many minds across Harrisburg as possible. Collectively we'll cultivate the "soil" and through our dedication and hard work soon this seed will blossom into something truly incredible, sustainable, and community based. This is why we're really excited about working closely with Powerminders. In my conversations with Bob I sense that we share much of the same vision and I've gotten some really great vibes from our brainstorms. One of our visions for Harrisburg is to be a catalyst for bringing energy efficiency and sustainable development projects to the city. We're going to begin this process through educating the youth on the importance and practicality of energy efficiency along with the distribution of CFLs and weatherization kits with the assistance of Powerminders. We're still in the planning stages and as I mentioned before this is totally a community based effort so if any of you out there in our rapidly expanding community of youth and environmental leaders has input or interest in being involved please feel free to contact me, Peter Roquemore at (peter.roquemore@gmail.com).
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."
-The Onceler

In Solidarity,

Peter Roquemore

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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PowerMinders has been very active. 1. PowerMinders in Harrisburg: A group of students in the Harrisburg area (currently representing 5 colleges) want to keep going through the summer months while they are on break. These students want to arrange several energy efficiency efforts and they have the momentum to recruit more students as needed to join their group. Here is what they are planning:
a.) Self Install Weatherization kit or CFL giveaways in lower income neighborhoods (which PowerMinders can, box, fulfill, etc).
b.) Education programs at community centers where young kids attending can bring the message of efficiency home and help their families modify energy usage behavior.
c.) Working with inner city communities to create small agricultural projects for sustainability.
d.) An inner city Art contest.
Any organization that can support any of the programs above should contact me at bob@powerminders.com and I will help you set up the right program with these students and make introductions as required.

2. Students from several colleges and universities have been submitting their plans for a CFL bulb giveaways, and energy efficiency kit giveaways in low income neighborhoods surrounding their respective campuses. This giveaway will occur during EarthWeek. These students are dedicated to providing energy savings for lower income, and increasing their campus' relationships with these neighborhoods. Allegheny Power is sponsoring this event. Thank you Allegheny!

3. PowerMinders management and students have been helping a green technology company design and market a "Smart Plug" that is controlled via the internet that when turned "off" eliminates ambient/vampire power in appliances like televisions for the home, and endless devices in the commercial/business market (copiers, monitors, computers, vending machines, etc). This device has the potential to save consumers and businesses significant kWh and money when appliances are in sleep mode but still using energy. (The DOE identifies this as a $3 billion dollar energy use problem per year in the US) Manufacturing of the "Smart Plug" could occur right here in PA!. Hooray! Students will be equipped with the devices fairly soon, and ready to distribute them. As support for students in PA grows, we thank you all for your help. There is so much more to come.