Friday, April 30, 2010

Washington & Jefferson Students Enlighten Campus

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On April 20th and April 27th. 200 CFLs were distributed to the W&J Community, faculty, staff, and students. Along with the bulbs participants also received information on energy saving kits, tips on "living green", and facts on CFLs were also available.
The program was received very well and many members of the W&J Community came looking for their bulbs, as the event was widely advertised on campus. The faculty and staff were thrilled to be the focus of a student organization's project during Earth Week as it is usually students who are the focus of outreach projects. Overall the campus was impressed and the program definitely had a shock value, "A free light bulb!? Aren't these expensive?"

We hope to participate again in the future in the program is offered next year. It was an excited thing to offer a green lifestyle alternative to everyone!

Shown are Green Club members Donnelle Jageman, Brittany Verrico and Caitlin Morrissey.


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