Friday, January 29, 2010

Earth Week Efficient Lighting Give-Away

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College students in Western PA are invited to participate in an Earth Week Efficient Lighting Give Away event, sponosored by Allegheny Power. Allegheny will provide student groups with free Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs to be distributed for free in local neighborhoods. The purpose of the program is help introduce homeowners to efficient lighting.

Student groups-- including marketing, environmental, and social justice organizations-- can request a supply of light bulbs to distribute in their area during earth week. The group is asked to submit a simple plan stating where and how the bulbs will be distributed (i.e., door to door give-away in a particular neighborhood, give-away to friends and family, etc.), and requesting a specific number of bulbs (50, 100 or 200). Interested student leaders should request more information by contacting Bob Fiori (

Homeowners can also buy additional Energy Kits. Proceeds from additional kit sales can benefit either the student group, or Penn Future, the statewide environmental organization.

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